The FLR method

Are you ready to learn a new language? If so, then you have come to the right place. FLR is short for The Foreign Language Road running Method. Maybe you've already learned a little bit, and need to brush up on your foreign language skills--FLR is perfect for you as well. Our method allows you to hit the ground running on your language learning journey.

There are many reasons why people invest in themselves by learning with THE FLR METHOD. Perhaps you have a foreign language class that you need a boost in, or you want to take a vacation to a non-English speaking place. Some people take FLR after they decide to move to a new country that doesn't speak English. Maybe you just want to pick up a new hobby or make your resume more marketable. Those are very valid reasons to learn! You also could be an avid traveler or a business person who needs knowledge of another language in order to communicate with your clients. Some people who use THE FLR METHOD have a significant other or family members that speak a different language, therefore they decide to learn that language through FLR to communicate with them. One thing that everyone has in common, is the goal of communication. Through our program, you will have the tools to become conversational in your chosen language very quickly!

If any of those instances above sound like you, then you are in the right place at the perfect time because THE FLR METHOD makes language learning easy. Think about your reason for learning a new language. Everyone's reason for learning a new language is different, but identifying your reason is important because it will keep you motivated to keep learning even if things become difficult sometimes.


The creator of our program, Moses McCormick, constantly uses FLR to learn new languages and keep his current languages fresh. FLR is perfect for beginners because you don’t need previous exposure to a language in order to start speaking it. FLR makes it easy to start speaking right from the beginning.

If you want to learn Spanish, why read a language course for 6 months and still not be able to speak when you can start speaking right away with FLR?

If you have a passion for a particular language, FLR starts you off in a way that yields the greatest amount of motivation because it helps you quickly build momentum towards your language learning goals. Learn as many languages as you want.


Learn new languages fast! You don't have to be a genius to learn new languages, but learning new languages sure does make you look like one.



You learned your first language by sitting around as a baby listening to disjointed conversations until you were able to piece the language together to start making sounds. FLR uses a similar principle except that it’s structured in a way that methodically builds your understanding of a target language progressively so you understand and can start piecing together a language in weeks, not years. The real power of FLR is that it gets you to a level where you can speak fairly quickly so that you can learn directly from native speakers without relying on them to “teach” you. This helps them feel more comfortable talking to you. You’ll be able to learn on the fly.

Knowledge of an additional language allows you to view the world differently! THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE IN ONLY ONE LANGUAGE LIMITS YOUR ABILITY TO THINK. Expand your mind, become smarter & improve critical thinking skills!


Audio Based Learning
While our course material consists of both audio and written language, the audio is where FLR shines because it progressively expands your learning ability.

Start Speaking Right Away
With FLR, you can actually start speaking your target language in as little as two weeks. Unlike most language courses, the goal with FLR is to start talking now.

Learn Multiple Languages Fast
Since FLR allows you to start speaking right away with native speakers, you can learn multiple languages fast. You learned your first language the way FLR teaches, in a natural way--not through grammar books. We have developed a program to help you learn more than one language at a time.
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As soon as you buy THE FLR METHOD course you’ll get an email that explains the secret of absorbing that language even if it sounds like complete gibberish to you in the beginning. The real beauty of this system is that it allows you to have conversations with native speakers in less than a few weeks giving you the confidence to keep going. More often than not, with other courses you lose motivation because you can’t use what you’re learning for six months to a year. THE FLR METHOD gives you fast results!



Learning a foreign language opens up the door to getting to know more people and expanding your social network. If you are studying a language such as Spanish, Portuguese, or Chinese that is spoken by a large percentage of the population, you will be literally potentially tapping into a communication network with hundreds of millions of people that was previously off limits to you. If you are studying a less popular language, just think about how much more valuable you will be since there are fewer foreign speakers of it.

Also, in the world of business, communication is king. It does not matter how well you can program a computer, do accounting, or design new products: if you cannot communicate with other people, you will not find the success you deserve in the business world. Learning to communicate in a foreign language effectively increases your value as a communicator. And, many people who become proficient in a foreign language end up actually improving their skills as a communicator in their native language, as well.

Learning a foreign language makes you a better communicator overall, and it therefore makes you a more attractive employee or partner in the world of business. People who speak more than one language earn more money than those who don't. That's a fact.

Expand Your Mind
Speaking a foreign language with fluency truly means switching channels to another way of thinking. You become a little bit smarter and more mentally flexible.

Become More Attractive
People who expand their horizons are almost always perceived as more attractive than those who are always happy with the same-old stuff.

Understand The World Better
By studying a foreign language, you equip yourself with an additional lens through which to view the actions, thoughts, and world views of other people.

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The FLR Method is the fastest way for you to become conversational in a new language. You'll be speaking with natives in just a few weeks, guaranteed.